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At the age of 30, Uniasia will set off again





On December 23, 2020, the 12th annual meeting of Uniasia Group in 2021 with the theme of "Uniasia will set off again at the age of 30" was held in Guangzhou.




The year of 2021 is the 30th year that Uniasia Group has been established. Started in 1991, Uniasia has witnessed the transformation of China's cosmetics industry. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, Wu Yingwen, President, Hu Genhua, Vice President, and thousands of Uniasia people and distributors gathered together to witness the beginning of the group's next 30-year journey.




Chairman Hu gave an opening speech for the annual meeting. He said that in the past 30 years, Uniasia has created many well-known brands in China, and at present, Uniasia is still cultivating more well-known brands in the future. He reviewed the 30 years of ups and downs and was gratified with the development of Uniasia. The outbreak of the COVID 19 epidemic in 2020 has had a great impact on all walks of life. However, even in such a difficult environment, the performance of Uniasia Group in 2020 still remained the same as in 2019. In addition, Uniasia has achieved important results in the areas of brand building, supply chain, new team growth, and new retail sectors, etc. Guangdong Uniasia Beauty Cosmetics Museum has become a national third-level museum, and the largest Uniasia Australia factory in the southern hemisphere will be completed and put into operation by the end of the year. Hu has more expectations for the future of the Group. He said: "I believe that Uniasia will be better in 2021 than in 2020, and there will be a great progress. We will set off again in 30 years of age and I hope that each of our colleagues will start again with the mentality of re-enterprise!"





After 30 years of hard work, how will Uniasia Group gather momentum and forge ahead? Wu Zhiqing, president of Uniasia Group, gave the answer.


At the 11th annual meeting last year, President Wu proposed the "Five-ization Projects." At this year’s annual meeting, Ms. Wu upgraded the "Five-ization Project" to the "Six-ization Project": R&D intensification, management digitalization, talent internationalization, enterprise platformization, and establishment of a full life cycle digitalization experience to facing the new consumer market. Ms. Wu said that only customer satisfaction can support business development, and only innovation-driven development can have a better future. In the future, taking customers as the starting point and innovation and hard power as the development point will become the biggest confidence for Uniasia Group in the face of uncertainty.

1. R&D Intensification : Uniasia currently has two R&D centers, with a master's and doctoral R&D team of more than 100 persons. In 2020, it has declared 228 invention patents and published 86 papers in first-class journals. In the future, Uniasia will continue to consolidate basic science, and on the basis of consumer insights, introduce scientists to fully participate in the full life cycle of the product, and build a home for Uniasia's scientists and technologists;

2. Intelligent manufacturing: use digitalized supply chain to lead "intelligent manufacturing" and drive the entire value chain operation of manufacturing;

3. Management datamation: open up external data, equipment data, and product data to realize the digitization of the entire process from R&D to product to manufacturing, and to further improve production efficiency and product quality;

4. Talent internationalization: Uniasia has created 18 brands. How to get talents to promote these businesses, Uniasia has carried out a comprehensive business and manpower plan. It will form a global organization system with Guangzhou headquarters as the core and Australia as the international fulcrum.

5. Enterprise platformization: with the users as the center, it will realize the digitization of the entire value chain that runs through R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales, and establish an all-digital ecological chain from supply chain, distributors, service providers, and users.

6. Establish a full-life cycle digitalization experience: change from a model based on research and development and sales of cosmetics to a new one of data-driven hardware and content production services. Establish a rapid response system to achieve product leadership, efficiency-driven, customer satisfaction, and always have a learning attitude to bring partners and consumers a better experience.


 Ms. Wu said that 30 years of Uniasia is in the midst of his youth, this is the best age, and it is also in the best era of development. Standing on a new starting point, Uniasia has made full preparations.




 Under the great influence of the epidemic, all the brands of Uniasia have delivered a good report card in 2020. In 2021, what new actions will Uniasia have in marketing?


Hu Genhua, Vice President of Uniasia Group, with the theme of "giving more imagination to the future", from the three dimensions of product strategy, communication strategy, and operation strategy, shared the new thinking and new layout of Uniasia in marketing next year, and opened the prelude to the next 30 years of development of Uniasia. He said that in 2020, Uniasia will help partners restructure their business models to provide affordable and accessible products.

In 2021, in addition to variety show TV commercials, Uniasia will focus on content operations on social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, WeChat, etc., to build a network-wide potential base, seize the minds of consumers, and help drain online and offline traffic.

At the same time, in order to make products more accurately match consumers with specific needs and form the logic of looking-for-users, digitalization is an indispensable part. In terms of data analysis, Uniasia has formed data insights through various channels such as the Data Bank, Global Strategy Center, TMIC New Product Innovation Center, etc., to feed back product development strategies for product development and upgrading; Adjustment has been made through consumer feedback, use/evaluation data feedback of Internet celebrity, doctors, experts, etc. In terms of delivery strategy, the traffic of the target population will be optimized to achieve precise exposure. In terms of operation, Uniasia will use private domains to establish a positive cycle of user empowerment brands and realize a model of old users promoting the growth of new user.





For 30 years of down-to-earth development, and 30 years of riding the wind and waves to forge ahead, Uniasia has gained growth in the development of the industry and market competition. As vice president Hu Genhua concluded: "The market trends are always changing, and the best way to deal with market changes is to constantly update and adjust your cognitive boundaries, and develop a strengthened ability to respond to the changes one by one." He is full of expectations for the future.

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